The mystic, seeking first-hand experience of the divine, soon discovers that the entire universe is conscious and alive, saturated by an all-encompassing and loving Presence. In this sacred and timeless consciousness, God is revealed as both Self and Creation and a great peace begins to melt humanity’s fever dream of scarcity and conflict. The inspired revelations shared here bring this awareness directly to you— an experience that is transformational, joyous, and liberating.

Read these revelations slowly and consciously. Written in mystical consciousness, they carry its spiritual energy in their words and revelations. If you pay close attention, this material will awaken the same states, perceptions, and realizations in you. In the process, you will become a mystic in your own way. Discuss these verses with friends, read them out loud to find new depth of meaning, return to the ones you like best and let them keep working on you, or use selected lines as mantras, prayers, or themes for contemplation. Be sure to approach the verses with a still and silent mind to allow God’s consciousness to permeate yours. Whatever you do will begin to awaken you, for you are experiencing the consciousness of the mystic.

Of course you alone are not God. That would be colossal egotism. But when the idea of you dissolves in mystical consciousness, what’s left is God, your truest Self.

Finally, you’ll never really know God if you keep putting God far away, projecting this essence of yourself outside you. Believing the power is somewhere else diminishes it and leaves you waiting for a divine “other” to act, when that divine other is you! Instead of waiting for it to respond, recognize the power resides in you! Only by being God will you feel the full power and transformational possibilities of joy, love, and revelation.